Blueberry Focaccia
This can do double duty: breakfast or dessert

Blueberry & Yogurt Loaf
From Donna Hay.

Christmas Tree Bread
Fun to make with the kids

Cinnamon Fan Biscuits
Also fun for kids to make

Cinnamon Toast Rolls
Yet another fun recipe for kids & a great make-ahead breakfast or snack

King Cake (Cream Cheese Filled)
A Mardi Gras tradition

King Cake (Hazlenut Praline Filled)

King Cake (Blueberry Filled)

King Cake Bread Pudding
Infused with King Cake Vodka

Mommom's Chocolate Bourbon-Spiked Banana Bread
from Joy the Baker

Pumpkin Ribbon Bread
A ribbon of cream cheese swirls through tasty pumpkin bread

Satsuma Muffins with Brown Butter Pecan Glaze
My favorite thing about winter--satsumas

Sweet Potato Bread w/ Praline Butter
Oh yeah


Butter Dips
A little bit biscuit, a little bit bread stick, a lot bit good

Bruschetta w/ Greens & Fontina
Garlicky, spicy, cheesy

Cheddar Chive & Jalapeno Biscuits
from Joy the Baker

Crusty Garlic & Herb Bread
Why have garlic bread when you can have herb garlic bread?

French Bread Breakfast
My great-grandma's buttery trick for using stale French bread

French Loaves
What's better than a loaf of French Bread?  Two.

French Onion Soup Rolls
Classic French Onion Soup flavors in a roll

Giant Pretzels w/ Jalapeno Cheese Sauce
Even without the cheese sauce, these soft buttery pretzels are awesome

Hard Crust French Bread
From Tony Chachere.  Nice, crusty bread.

Muffuletta Bruschetta
A fun twist for parties.

Mustard Croutons
from Yotam Ottolenghi

New Orleans Style French Bread
From Louisiana Lagniappe.  

Olive Bread
from Tessa Kiros' Food From Many Greek Kitchens, rich and lovely

Pita Bread
from Tessa Kiros' Food From Many Greek Kitchens, both incredible

Pizza Dough
An easy and fast pizza dough

Whole Wheat Honey and Goat Cheese Drop Biscuits
From Joy the Baker